Tuesday, August 14, 2007

web hosting review

After looking for a web hosting review site I stumbled across Host Review Site which has hundreds of reviews by real people about their hosting providers. They have reviews of a lot of hosts I was interested in such as Globat and Dream host. HostReviewSite.com has a nice Top 10 Hosting list that displays the best hosting companies and what features they provide. The site also has the best host recommended by customers and a Top U.S and Canadian Hosting provider list.

When choosing a new hosting company it is good to do some research and the thing that was different about this site was that the hosting reviews are done by real people who have used the specified hosting companies. Most review sites are biased but HostReviewSite.com seemed very legitimate. With thousands of Hosting companies out there it's good to have a website that gives accurate information and allows you to judge which provider suits your needs.

The website also has a great blog with daily updates on hosting news and updates. If you are looking for reviews on a specific host or trying to find a new host they have a wide variety of hosting companies on the website and valid reviews for each one. Each provider has an overview of their features and a little history on the company as well as a recent screenshot of their website. Each hosting provider is rated on Reliability, Support, Features and pricing.

If you are looking to transfer hosting companies or are new to hosting definitely check out Host Review Site.

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