Thursday, August 9, 2007

Taking the Crip Walk To Another Level

The poor suburb of Compton in Los Angeles, often mentioned in rap
lyrics, was notorious for its rapper gangs. It is also the place where
the Crip walk
originated. In those days, there were the rapper rival gangs, Crip and
the Bloods. The crip walk or blood bounce, as it is sometimes called by
the Crips or the Bloods, was initially used as feet communication
signals between gang members.

It was the crip walk, which managed to enter the mainstream mainly
because the dance was featured in a number of MTV videos by mostly
popular Crip gang rapper members such as Snoop Dogg. As the dance was
accepted by the general public, it later came to be known as the clown
walk to differentiate it from its gangster origins. To further separate
the dance from its gang origins, it evolved into many variations such as
the V, the Heel-Toe, the Shuffle, and the Snake and was generally
classified under hip hop dances. Presently, there are signs that crip
walk is becoming popular globally as music videos from Europe displayed crip walk dance steps

People might be doing the crip walk without their knowledge. Being
generally a hip hop dance, the crip walk also has its explosive
movements and rhythm, which makes it a perfect calorie burner. Fitness
and health experts now have their eyes on hip hop dances to make their
clients lose weight or keep their body fit. The Celebrity Fitness
exercise studio, for example, blends old and new school hip hop dances
for their clients. The repertoire can include snap dance, gangsta walk
and the latest dance craze, crip walk or clown walk. The next time you hit the gym, try to ask what steps are you
doing and you may be surprised to know that you are actually doing the
crip walk.

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