Thursday, August 9, 2007

Train Horns

I live in Vancouver and there are a lot of crappy driver here. I often have to use my horn. My last car had a poor horn and it made me sound like a wussy every time I honked. And I honk a lot. I wish I had a train horn as my car horn. It would scare the crap out of everyone that got honked at by me and maybe teach the to drive better. But seriously If you want to let people know that your coming or that they are in the way then get a train horn for your car. I am thinking about getting one. Cause people here in Vancouver need to learn how to drive and what better then me honking at them to wake them up and teach them a lesson in driving .

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Anonymous said...

Haha right on man I hear ya! train horns are bad ass! Let them know how ya feel you can get them here: train horn you gotta see them on my car hah