Thursday, August 9, 2007

From Ugly Betty To America Ferrera

America Ferrera
has a number of notable movies and television shows under
her belt including “Real Women Have Curves,” and “The Sisterhood of the
Traveling Pants”. She is the latest talk-of-the-town because of her
Betty Suarez character in the drama-comedy “Ugly Betty.” This is adapted
from the hit television soap in Colombia entitled, “Betty La Fea.”

The hit drama-comedy shows America Ferrera portraying an unattractive girl,
complete with fake teeth braces, thick eyebrows, and a wig. All of these
preparations were set-up just to downplay the girl whose smile was
actually insured by Lloyd’s of London for a staggering 10 million
dollars. America Ferrera was coy about the part and even nicked the term
“Bettification” every time she has to undergo the transformation

Joining the drama comedy TV show proved to be a winner for America
Ferrera when she won the “Best Performance by an Actress” award from
Golden Globe, and the “Award for Best Female Actor” from the Screen
Actors Guild. The show, Ugly Betty, went on to be nominated at the Emmy
awards 11 times. Only recently, America Ferrera also won the “Best Actress Award”
and the “Creative Achievement Award” during the 22nd Annual Imagen

After the Golden Globe award, America Ferrera was praised by the US
House of Representatives as a positive influence to young Latinas.
Another honor she received is becoming one of the 100 most influential
people in the world by Time magazine.

On top of all of this, America Ferrera is about to finish her double
major in theatre and International Relations at the University of
Southern California. The school was also where she met her rumored beau,
Ryan Piers Williams, though she consistently denied them getting
engaged. With about 15 movies made since 2002,

America Ferrera is set to continue her counting with a new movie titled
“Forever in Blue” for 2008.

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