Sunday, August 12, 2007

Furniture From Home

Yes as many of you know I have recently brought a house. As I have lived at home for say most of my live to date I have not been able to acquire much in the way of furniture. So one of the things I will need to do soon is to buy furniture for my place. So as you would expect I have been looking for places where I could buy sofa online. Furniture From Home is a well designed site which I was able to search around in no trouble and find couch sectionals that would easily fit into my place. Though I did find the background hard on my eyes. Maybe I need glasses soon I hope not. Other then that is was a breeze to look around the site which I liked. I also found some very nice entertainment centers which I would love to be able to put into my place but alas I am not really able to afford anything I like from Furniture From Home since it is out of my price range. I am more in the IKEA price range. Though IKEA is cheap the quality is different and yo pay for what you get. SO I may be going without for a while before getting some Furniture. I would recommended the site lighten up a bit. I like sites that are bringt and are not hard on the eyes. Maybe a lighter background color would suit them but either way the sell a quality product.

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