Monday, August 27, 2007

GRIS's New Service

In a few days I will be announcing that GRIS is going to be able to provide a new service. Well I am kinda announcing it here and now, so what I really mean is that GRIS will be providing this service in a few day. What we will be providing is a arcade making service. We will create an arcade for you with over 2k in games. Now this will take up 2 a week maybe more for it to be complete. We would offer cheap hosting naturally. 5$ a month as well you would get the domain of your choice if it was not taken. Right now we will test the waters and set the price at 150$ and see if we get any takers. I will keep you all informed if it is successful and we are able to earn some money off it. I would be happy if we were able to sell 1 or 2 a month. Keep us busy and help add cash assets to GRIS

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