Monday, October 1, 2007

Poker on your MAC?

Amazingly yes you can play poker on you Mac. That said there are not really many sites out there that are compatible to play with on your Mac. However, I have searched the internet and come across unique site called Mac Poker.

This "Mac Poker" Site which I have found is a referral site where Mac users are able to find poker sites that are able to use. The "Site Itself I found easy to navigate and was please that it did not hurt my eyes when I was searching though the site.

I found that the site is full of useful info about poker in general and also have a nice Poker Bonus page. . On top of poker they also have Online Casino Bonuses. This is a great site for the Mac Gambler. I know people who play poker find these sites useful and use them often since they often are given special promotions which they use to help them win more money.

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