Monday, July 2, 2007

Chicago Public Auto Auctions

North Shore Used Car Auto Auction is Open to the Public! Thats right if you are ever in the area or just traveling though then you should check out chicago public auto auctions. North Shore Used Car Auto Auction is the Chicago area's Used Car Auto . Why wait and buy your next used car at wholesale pricing not retail from sleezy car lot. You can find Foreign used cars,domestic used, luxury cars, cheap used cars, trucks and SUV's for auction at the chicago car auction.
Remember, don't be left out! Call North Shore Used Car Auto Auction @ 1 888 5 FAIR DEAL (1-888-532-4733). When are teh up and comming Auctions you ask? Well pn the following Saturdays : July 14, 2007, July 28, 2007. They Also have the Used Car Auction Vehicle Inspection on the Fridays before each auction: 9:00AM - 4:00PMAs well they have vehicles available for test drive on Fridays only!!


James said...

I got a great deal from a car auction and ever since I have been for all my cars. I would keep them for a year or 2 then sell them on and get a newer car.

I will definitely be checking out the North Shore Used Car Auto Auction next time I am in the area.

public auction said...

I knew a freind that would buy alot of cars from auctions like these. He used to flip them for a profit and made a decent living doing so.

vijay said...

I always recommend to buy a car from
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because there are so much bargains there so that one could easily buy his dream car from there.