Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Police CD

Thats right everyone, You remember my post a while ago about the police and that they reunited here in Vancouver. They actually got back together here and kicked off there tuor here as well. Yeah those guys, and now there is a NEW Police CD being released. To celerbat this when you buy The Police poster included in the NEW Police CD you will also recieve
a really cool vintage The Police poster included in the CD. How sweet is that. Well I am a little wrong here because it is not a cd but a double disc compilation CD. The double disc compilation CD will hit the stores soon. So be sure to pick yourself up a copy. Or as in my case pick up a few for my parents and there friends as gifts. Also I will show to you today an official thirty second TV spot that is currently running in the UK from Universal Music. I hope you enjoy it.

Also if you want to help get the word out about The Police tour! Show you're a fan by adding The Police widget to your site - e.g. MySpace, Facebook, Blogger or any web page you create and you are the webmaster of. This widget can be found on The Police's official web site or if you are lazy click here to directly link to the page with the widget info.

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jay said...

if only UK bloggers could get in on this - I have seen the Police perform and Sting with his own band too.. yeah that's right I am old...!