Sunday, July 29, 2007

Reaping The Benefits of Yoga

For thousands of years, followers of Dharmic religions such as Hinduism
and Buddhism have observed ancient spiritual practices collectively
known as Yoga to increase
their understanding of profoundness of life or to reach a higher
spiritual level. Apparently, Yoga does not only lead to spiritual
improvement, it also has a positive effect on the mind and body of the

The traditional Yoga
combined with modern therapies proved to be very effective in treatment
or prevention of a number of minor sickness and major diseases. There
have been clinical studies that have established that the practice of
Yoga postures for at least half an hour everyday will rid you of most of
your health problems. Noticeably, all the benefits of a Yoga practice
can be directly or indirectly related to stress. Disease such as
hypertension, menstrual disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), joint
disorders and others are, in one way or another, influenced by stress.

There is no denying the href="">positive effects of Yoga.
Corporations use Yoga to keep their professionals focused such as in the
case of Balance Integration Corp., athletes use it to extend mileage in
playing, such as the case of Pro-Football player Gary Speed who recently
confessed doing Yoga postures to keep himself nimble. Psychologists
employ Yoga-based therapies to lessen the stress of their troubled
patients. Obviously, Yoga has psychological and physiological benefits
to people.

You can increase your energy level, boost your mind power, strengthen
your body and bones and relieve yourself of stress by observing regular
Yoga practices. Learning Yoga is never expensive, all these benefits are
within grasp with only a regular mat for accessory and a wide enough
space for doing the postures. This is probably the best reason why Yoga
is so popular: an over-all improvement of the mind, body and soul
without even spending more than a few dollars for the mat.

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jay said...

man, I had nooooo idea you were such an authority on the dharmic religions...