Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What do you do when PPP dries up?

What do you do? Sit tight and hope a pray you will be online when they release the next set of chances to make money? Yes you could do that. But why site still . You could be doing several things.. looking for new ways to earn money online. Join forums and getting new idea's. networking, networking is always good. Or you could be getting your site out there for other people to find. Either way if you in this to make money then 80% of your time should be spent trying to make money in some sense.

Top 5 sites that Refer people here!

Munny 4 Hunny
Turn 1 Pound into a Million
The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under
Web Designer Cochin
5. free stuff


rob stgeorge said...

You need to be a member of lots of paid post sites, that way when PPP aren't giving you the love you just head somewhere else.

NEVER have all your eggs in one basket.

Rachel said...

I agree with Rob, I am a member of Smorty, Blogitive, Blogsvertise, Bloggerwave, Sponsored Reviews and Review me as well as PPP. I also am a member of other sites which earn money online such a GPT sites which earn me some money.