Friday, July 20, 2007

Penny Machine's

Do you ever remember getting a cool penny with a animal or something else on it? I do. I remember when I was little when we used to go camping or traveling around places we would always run into gift shops that had a penny machine. You would put you penny in as well as a dollar and then one of my parents would crank the machine and out would come a elongated coin with the imprint of the local animal where you were. Some of my favorite Stamped pennies were when we were traveling in Australia and we would get pennies with Australia animals. Then we would take them home to Canada and show all our friends. If you have a store and are looking to have this novelty in your store please check out Global Impressions which manufactures and distributes the original coin operated hand crank penny press machine. Get a simple or a themed one, all the kids will want one.

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