Friday, July 20, 2007

Geuss what!

Apparently someone (a company ) that I have written a payperpost for left me a ban. It does not bother me at all. I am actually amused by the comment that was left. It said that I was only in the for the money... lol It made me laugh hard. A Company whose sole purpose is to make money is made at little me cause I made money off them and they didn't like it. This showed me that they didn't get what they were looking for out of there Campaign from PayPerPost and are taking it out of the little guy (ME). I mean at least say my writing skills were bad or my English is poor. something I would accept no problem. But for a Company who is just tout there making money leaving me a ban cause " I am only out here to make money makes me laugh and then a little pissed off. There's my little rant on this. I think I know which company it is. So I will say this if you didn't me to take so many of your opportunities then you should have made stipulations like many others one do. Its your own fault.....

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