Friday, July 20, 2007

Phone Ringtones

For the longest time now I have not really been into how my cell phone looks or sounds. For me I answer it when it rings and that's that. But recently I have been searching around the net and actually found places where you download ringtones from. I guess you could say I was living in the stone age when it came to my phone cause to most of you this has been around for a while. I was surprised when I found that they even have prepaid phone ringtones . I guess if they have prepaid phones they could have prepaid ringtones.

After discussing what kinds of ringtones I should get with an old guy at work I found out that he had the old German anthem for his ringtone. He said that he gets looks when he is in the line at starbucks and all of a sudden everyone hears the German Anthem. He said he likes teh shock factor and that I should also go for the shock factor. So I figured that I should get some heavy metal ringtones and find out which one gets the most shock value. Overall I am excited with my new find and hope I don't spend too much money on ringtones for my phone.


rus said...

i don't want to be rude to you, but i sign up one ringtone website last month (not the one you were writing about) and i just received my bill, they charge me 40 dollars for the service...

Joel Phillips said...

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