Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Cool Cats Contest

So there is this guy called Mark Sierra. He has this blog called MeAndMyDrum. This stud is running a cool contest where the winner will receive a Google AdWords coupon worth $25 and free banner ad space on his blog. THATS RIGHT 25$$$ GOOGLE ADWORDS COUPON... He covers a variety of topics such as blogging tips, technology, politics, humor. Wait there is more!!! Brown Baron of Brown Thoughts has just matched Mark's 25$ and now there is 50 smackers up for grabs.. Now if that doesn't entice you to get off your lazy ass and write a post Mark's Site then I don't know what will. Hey you what to know how I found out about MeAndMyDrum site?? Through Our Blog Review. See I knew something good would come out of tyring to run a review site. Just for good measure visit you can visit MeAndMyDrum here, here, or here.


Brown Baron said...

Thanks for the mention!

Mark said...

Awesome promotion, Stratz. Thanks!