Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yes Engaged

-paid post-
As many of you know I got engaged on the weekend. It was a perfect day. Romance was in the air and everything almost went off with a hitch. For those that do not already know I asked her on the top of Grouse Mountain. As you can guess it was hard to think of a way that she would believe that we were going up there for something else. I was able to convince my wife to be that that we were to meet my parent up there for dinner because my mum was unavailable on the next day. So now I had to get her up there with out being suspicious. Well that was hard! First of she didn't see my parents car in the parking lot.... I had to convince her that they must be in the other section than us. Then when the guy was giving us our lift tickets he said reservation for 2. I had to assure her that he said 2 ticket left to be picked up under my dads name. Though once up there we walked for a little bit and watched a movie on the bears they had up there. After the movie I took her to the look out where you could see Vancouver and that is where I asked her. After the exciting moment we had the best seats in the house at the restaurant and had a romantic dinner for two. The day went perfectly. We are lucky and will be going the distance. Many Relationships breakup which is very sad. I am very excited about the up and coming wedding next year. I will be sure to keep you all posted.

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