Thursday, May 24, 2007

PPP Direct is Launched

Today PayPerPost launched a new feature called PPP Direct. This is yet another new feature for the blogging community to take advantage of. This is yet another way for you to review a paid post.

All you have to do is display a PPP Direct badge on your site and if an advertiser comes across your site and wants to you to review there site then all they have to do is click on your badge. When I first read this I though yeah! I know that this will bring in 0 advertisers for me. Why I should just stick to review me because they have a directory which increases my chances. But wait, I did some investigating into this and saw that PPP are
"building a directory of PPP Direct bloggers and will be promoting those that
have adopted the technology"
That means that yes they are building a directory just like review me.

Now lets say that Review ME and PPP Direct both have directories. What is the difference in the two?? Price! Price! Price! and Price!.. PPP Direct Direct only charges a 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transaction fees for Pay-Pal and credit card processing. That is much better then what Review me charges. If you get 25 dollars from Review Me that means they took 25 too. With PPP Direct if you got paid 25 dollars it means that they took 2.78 dollars.. . Huge difference there if you ask me.

So head Over to PPP and sign up for and start earning money and display your PPP Direct badge on your site today!

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