Monday, May 21, 2007

Customer Relationship Software

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Customer Relationship Software or crm is essential to every online or business that uses computers. You need management system that can tell you where you best leads are coming from, and can easily monitor the ROI of each campaign. AIMpromote's CRM does this for you better then any other software out there. The information in the Campaign Performance Report is invaluable information tool for your business. You will have many key features at your fingure tips such as Lead Attention Meter™, Sales Management , Sales Force Automation, Lead Reseller System, Campaign Tracking, Custom Lead List, Visitor Tracking, Importing / Exporting Private Labelling, Automatic Lead Distribution, and Mortgage Lead Management. Why wait Sign Up Now for Your Full Featured 14-Day Free Trial or Call Toll-Free 1-888-251-4635. Your business is lagging? start the trial I am sure by the end you will be signing up for the long term.

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