Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mini-banner exchange

Well I am not doing it but my friend who runs the site Munny4hunny is. I would check out his post on this here. And see if you would like a banner made up for free. I personally think he is really good and worth having them made up. Here is a little sample of his post.

I have spent far too much time lately playing with Adobe 'Fireworks'
software and making small-scale banners for websites and blogs. These
mini-banners are very popular in the world of social bookmarking for 3 main
Good publicity - a mini-banner offers more functionality that a
mere text link
Publishers like them - bloggers and webmasters are happy
to host them as they are neat, compact and generally quite appealing
They look good - it gives a positive impression about how you want your site or blog to be integrated into the Internet community

Be sure to and give his site a visit and get a freeeeee banner...


jay said...

Thanks friend, you shall be rewarded(?) with a banner...

stratz said...

Cool... You shoudl go putthis in the forum too.. I will start asking people this weekend you can too if you want .. not that many yet still need to get the dam rotatoer working

jay said...

Man, I've been doin' so much stuff I can't remember if i did this already!! - I think I have...ha ha who knows?? who cares??
new post in progress right now on M4H, your new banner appears on the web for the first time...!!