Sunday, May 27, 2007

Homeless Problem part 2 - The Reply

Homeless Problem part 2 - The Reply
OK where do I start? This post is a reply to Homeless Problem: Kill Them All - Top 10 Reasons Not To posted on May 25th, 2007 by SeedsGuy. This post will also be duplicated on for the extra link back for SeedsGuy.
Top 10 Reasons you should not kill Vancouver’s homeless population.

10 - They are fully capable of returning to society as normal human beings but
what motivates them is wrecked. Normal human beings want money for all kinds of things including alcohol where most homeless want only alcohol. It’s their
favorite form of escape and pleasure.

10 - 90% of them can never return. Homeless people want money?? Of course you think we give out free Alcohol for the homeless like we do needles? No way we only provide them with safe injection sites and needles not free booze. They should have to work for the Alcohol like the rest of us.

9 - If alcohol and drugs are worth more to them then money why not get them to
do something productive like growing veggies in trade. Let them grow food in
trade for alcohol.

9 - If it was only this easy. They do not need food so they could never understand how essential food is to us normals. Plus the only plants they would be growing is tobacco so the could smoke it as they drank.

8 - Send totally unproductive and unwilling homeless persons to Bum Boot Camp.
Special arrangements should be made to not hold Bum Boot Camp liable for harm or death. Then give Drill Sergeants carte blanche to motivate them back to mental health.

8 - He he he.. Nice idea. though I think the government is trying to do this for the Olympics. From what I have heard they are going to try to ship them out to the Frazer valley a.k.a. the bible belt and let them try to take good care of them for us. How can they say no? That would be very unchristian of them.

7 - Fix the stink. Create a program to trade 2 shots of Whiskey for one shower
and a change into fresh clothes. Provide 3 extra shots of Rum if they wash their
dirty clothes by themselves. (Provide the washing machine and washing detergent)

7 - Now this idea I like. Actually we wouldn't need to give them a shower cause it rains so much here. Maybe we just need to take squirt guns filled with liquid soap downtown when it is raining and spray the bums.

6 - You can teach them how to get along by arranging $100,000 for them to spend. First form them into groups of 10 and the only way to withdraw money (limit $50/day) is that they all agree on what to purchase. (Just an X is sufficient
for their signature and the item(s) is/are purchased by the financial
administrator) This would eventually teach them social dynamics and the
principle of working together, hopefully.

6 - umm this would probably be too hard for me to do. Though 2 years ago someone did open a saving union for them in the worst part of town because they complained they couldn't get a bank account cause they had no fixed address. This just means now that they have a hierarchy of bums. The poor, poorer, poorest and penniless

5 - If Vancouver killed their homeless to rid the problem then Manitoba would
think about killing their Indian population. You can’t give one province an
advantage over another that severe.

5 - ahh now this is where you are uninformed. For a fact 0ver 70% of Vancouver bums do not actually originate from Vancouver. You see Vancouver is one of the only major cities in Canada where a bum is able to survive the winter outside. Thus many other cities had (not sure if they still practice this ) had a program in place where they would secretly ship out there bums on trains to Vancouver. So if we were to kill our homeless we would is essence be helping the other cities out as well.

4 - Because the underlying fact is that they are still human beings and human
beings shouldn’t just be killed because they look and smell different. (Bush,
I’m looking right at you. Canada’s soldiers are being killed for your sake.
Because, in the end you just wanted a foothold there for other wars. Good
strategy though but China will still dominate you in the end)

4 - you got a point there. Though in the old days if you were different you would be sent to a cave to fend for yourself until the end ( which came fast ) or put you a float in a river. Ah the simpler times.

3 - Because jerking in theaters would never be the same. Nothing like seeing a
bum wearing a trench coat stand up and squirt in a man’s face sitting behind
him. Yikes! ! !

3 - Whoa there your bums have that right? we don't don't allow them in our theaters. Why would they spend 12 dollars to site down nest to a clean person for 2 hours when they can get a 6 pack and a burger for the same price. Of course this just means that we get to see them showing everything off as we drive by them on our way into town. Nothing beats seeing a streak first thing in the morning before work.

2 - Because guys like Greg Stratz wouldn’t have anything to write about

2 - Come now that is not true you know PayPerPost will always have enough stuff to keep me writing. Though I did miss out on some posts this weekend.

1 And The # 1 Reason is . . . . . . .

- You should not kill Vancouver’s homeless population because where would Chow have to go to next to get another blog community?

So true but I hear South Park also has a bum problem (watch it here). Maybe that's where he gets them all from..


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