Sunday, May 6, 2007

I hate Bums In Vancouver

Yes I hate them, now even more with a passion. Yet again my truck was broken into... what for the change tray that why. Stupid Bums why do you have to mess up my truck? throw my shit everywhere? just take the dam tray.. To make things worse I even leave the doors unlocked cause I am sick and tired and having to get the locks fixed and guess what the fuckers do. Put there "tool" i.e. screwdriver in the and wreak it for me. How stupid can you get. All you have to do was open the fucken door. Though I was lucky since I went bike riding yesterday and left my bike in the back cab ( which I admit was stupid of me ) and naturally that doesn't lock But they didn’t look in there. I also have 50-100$ dollars worth of copper and aluminum to be recycled which I figure would be take for sure but they didn’t take it.

So great now I have a lock that I can’t use and no change tray. I can't wait till I come home late one night and catch the bum so I can beat the shit of him.

Yes Vancouver has a bum problem. It needs to be fixed. They need to be eliminated. I don’t; care frankly ship them somewhere else. eradicate them. Cause the help you are trying to give them is not working. There are jobs for them but they do not want to work. when will the politician get it in there head. social housing will not help these people. They do not want to work and will not work. Keep them in jail stop releasing them.