Saturday, May 5, 2007

Free Norton Antivirus

-This is a paid post-
Yes that's right Free. You can download free Norton Antivirus as well as 13 other free programs. When I first heard of it I was weary but after investigating further I realized that it was true. You can find out these guys do it by reading there FAQ section. I know these thing normally cost money so when I can find save money and get things for free I tend to jump all over it. Why buy things when you can get them for free I say.
I found this site clean and informative. It was easy to navigate and not hard to find things. They followed the KISS ( keep it simple stupid ) method in this site and it works. If your interested you can download free Norton Antivirus here.
Also if you want to find out more info about them and what they do you are able to email them:


theanand said...

Do you have any idea how much that guy is going to earn thru google ads! he is selling a refferal link to the google pack,,,and yea google pack has only a lite version of norton, not the whole thing...

stratz said...

No No idea? do you knwo how much he is going to make? any geusses?