Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fish Tank?

I have a fish tank in my room or as I like to call it a snail farm. it is overloaded with snails and needs to have all the crap cleaned from in between the rocks.. but I am too lazy to do that. I had many neon's of different kinds but as you know fish die.. but in my tank you don't find the dead fish. The snails devour them... If I am lucky I will see all the snails in a pile. If I see that then I know a fish has died. Now the snails are also starting to die. It makes the bottom of the tank look cool with the all teh empty shells everywhere but I don;t think that is good for the water. One weekend soon I will take on teh task of cleaning it out. I even brought the tubes to do it. I will try and take a picture and post it soon too.

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