Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ethical Loans Available!

-paid post -
Do you have strong ethics and stick by them? Want to take a loan of a lending company or a bank but not sure if the money you would be recieving is "dirty" money. You want to be certain that the money you borrow did not cause unnecessary pollution, and human rights abuses in our world. Then the co-operativebank is for you. The have loans which rest assure the money has not come from destroying our world or people in any way. co-operativebank is bound to their ethical policy. In fact in 2005 then turned down over 10 million pounds in busines because it conflicted with there ethical policy. If you are looking for a loan then look to co-operativebank because they know to survive we all need sustainability policies and we all need to stick them them.


jay said...

Hey hey, you're blogging for cash more than me!!!
One thing though - my comments don't appear after every post, they appear after every day - do you know where that setting is??

stratz said...

Yeah it should be in your dash board. II will chcek tomorrow I am off to bed now.