Thursday, May 17, 2007

Making travel searching easier!

Most of you know that I like to travel. I was in Australia a while ago and am planning to go back soon for another visit. I also would like to travel Europe soon. I do take several small trips throughout the year. For the last 3 years I have be doing 90% of my searching and booking online. As I came to realize that looking at each site take time. But wait now I have found a new site called Hotels Combined whose website is What is so great about this site is that it searches all the other sites. That means you don't have to waste all that extra time searching each individual site. You search one site that searches them all for you. I know when I start planning my next vacation soon I will be using these guys.

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Stephen Welton said...

Love saving time that's for sure. Thanks for the great site. I have a new domain for people planning their honey in the works will have to use this and review it. Be sure and write about your experience so we can reference it later.