Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Link Love From Me.. Interested???

Do you see what is new at the bottom of this post? Want to get in on link love every time I make a post like there will do. Either give me a link on your page and home you get enough lucky hit to come this way or simply do the same for me. Create something similar to what I have and add my name and I will do the same for you. Remember from me you will be getting a PR3 link back every time I make a post and check out how many posts I made in may.. That's a lot.

Top 5 sites that Referred people here last month!

Munny 4 Hunny
Turn 1 Pound into a Million
Million Dollar Down Under
4. Your Name Here
5. Your Name Here


jay said...

you sure have been busy buddy - you posted even more than me!

J said...

I'm not quite sure I follow -- how do I get my blog's name up onto that list?

J said...

P.S. If it's a permanent link from my blog to yours that you need, you've got it.

stratz said...

Well you culd do teh same for me and create a similar list that gets posted every time you get a post.. but I will give you nuber 5 spot for now.. hehe