Saturday, May 26, 2007

Please Stay Tuned

Please stay tuned everyone. I have just got wind of a kick ass post on a blog which which originated from a post I made. I do have a reply post but simply not the time right now to write it. I may not have the time tomorrow as well since I have a busy day so look for it come Sunday.. It should rival the post it is replying to.

But I will say I just saw pirates Of C and must saw if you don't know or remember how the second one went and ended then I suggest you watch it before watching this one. Also there is a small clip after the credits if you want to wait 5 minutes to see it.


rob stgeorge said...

cant wait to hear the story mate. hey by the way you've done a heap of writing on this blog in may! good effort


stratz said...

Thanks mate. I could have written more usefull stuff too.. lol. Anyway off to work.. 6 days a week I hate it.