Saturday, May 5, 2007

Arh Hungover

ARH Hungover and not liking it. We when to the cool place last night called 6 Acres in gas town Vancouver. It gets its name because it in located in the original 6 Acres that Vancouver was build on. It is a really small place and it was filled with yuppies. Though I got lucky and snagged a premium parking spot. And the was a table for us as soon as we walked in. Cause right after there became a massive lineup and people were being told 1-1.5 hour wait.. oh boy was we lucky last night or what.. So I had a few.. some duckstein beer and another German one I can not remember how to spell. The total for me and my GF came to 60 dollars... not bad for 3 beers 2 drinks some flat bread and nachos. Well not bad for Vancouver anyway.

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