Thursday, May 10, 2007


-Paid Post-

This post is pure PPP love. Yes I love using PayPerPost on my blog. When I started I knew nothing about PayPerpost. About 30 day in I signed up for PPP and was told to apply again when this blog was 90 days old. Why this blog turned 90 days I applied and have never looked back. PPP helps company's advertise on blogs. Let me tell you I have not been disappointed with my experiences so far. Most likely with my next Paid Post after this one I will have hit 100$ in career earning with PPP. While this is not a lot for some people it is something to mean. It is a company that is taking chance son the little guys and winning because of it. For now I will use my earnings to pay for web hosting and other online adventures I get myself into. I have also visited sites that I would never have found because of PPP. Thanks for everything and I look forward to future Paid Posts.

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